News of Old Fidelians

8th March 2012

Hello Sandra
Thank you for your message. I have had a look at the web site. It is good to see the school doing so well. I am still living in Berkshire not far from the Thames. I gave up work about 10 years ago. I have two grandchildren aged 4 and 6 and one step grand daughter who will soon be 1 year old. We see them all every week and babysit from time to time. We enjoy gardening and going on holiday. Holidays are great for seeing long lost relatives. I am in touch with some Old Fidelians. Janet Aufenast (Kerry) has moved from south of the river to Hampshire. We had a very pleasant lunch with her and her husband. I have exchanged some emails with Jane Brickett (Morris) who now lives in Suffolk. In recent years I have organised a lunches in London to meet with Janet, Gill Cripps (Marcantonio) and Gay Boyle (Power).
My sister Anna still lives in Switzerland. She is a widow and a grandmother.
I hope your Old Fidelians section of the web site is a success. In the old days I used to look forward to the printed magazine.
Best wishes and good health to you all.
Rosalind White (Dyer)

Dear Fidelis

How I have missed you all these years!

Began in kindergarten in 1961 .... dear sister Dorothea ..... she was wonderful!

And was in Senior school until 1971, when my mother remarried and we moved to Norway. Sister Mark was headmistress then and taught us Latin!

Sister Bernadette had just become a nun when I was in my 3rd year, and I was a boarder for a short period before coming to Norway. She was in charge of the biology lab, and I was looking after the toad ( catching flies and worms for his dinner!) Also in charge of the desert locusts, and managed to set loose thousands of babies in the lab Sister Bernadette was not  amused!

My music teacher, Jennifer Chown/Grant in Junior school - I still have contact with her today. She even took a cruise to Norway this June Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes and I met her again for the first time in over 40 years! Imagine that!

Please send us more news

Please see download link of Mary Plume in pdf below

News January 2016

I attended Fidelis in 1960 onwards. I was in the same class as Rosemary MacHugh, Daphne Prevatt, Margaret Brown, Jenny Webb, Margaret Knox, Marion Reynolds to name but a few..
Last week Marion and I sadly travelled to Yorkshire for the funeral of Margaret Brown who died after a long battle with cancer. I have since been I touch with Jenny Webb.. We would love to contact any classmates who remember us so please could you forward my email to any one that you have contact with..
Please could you send any information re any school reunions as we would love to attend.

Jacqui Goodwin