Scholarships for Sixth Form Studies and University

At Virgo Fidelis we are aiming at attracting some gifted and talented students by offering scholarships.   This would enable up to 19 students to receive a scholarship to assist with their studies.  Eight students could receive £1,000 each and four £800, with a further seven students receiving £600 each. 

This would be distributed in January provided that the student has proved she is committed to her studies and meets her targets.  The money would be paid in installments over a period of time.  We hope that by introducing scholarships more year 11 students may stay with us for sixth form and we will also attract gifted external students.

This is a difficult time for students, many who decide to go to University will end up with debts lasting thirty years.  We have found that several students in Year 13 are no longer considering University because of the high expenses.

We are hoping that some past students will donate scholarships for sixth form studies and also contribut to university fees.  The student would be known to the sponsor and they would be able to follow up their studies.

If you are interested please contact Sister Bernadette at Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School.  0044 208 670 6917 ext 233