The Life of Mother Saint Mary

Foundress of the Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity

Exciting News!

This book was first published in 1878. We now publish this edition in the hope that many today will be inspired in their lives by the Life of Mother Saint Mary and that it may play a small part in the cause for the Canonisation of Mother Saint Mary. This is a realisation of a dream that our Congregation may become better known and that many may answer God‘s Call to follow him in the Religious life in the the Congregation of our Lady of Fidelity.

This book has been  reprinted with colour plates the new edition of the life of Mother Saint Mary.  Is for sale at Saint Pauls Cathedral Book Shop, Aylesford Book Shop, CTS Book Shop and Waterstone it is available at £12.99

On Amazon you can use the link below to "look inside both the Paperback (£10.00) and the Kindle edition (£4.46) .  You can also borrow the first 26 pages free on your kindle.

If you wish to order a copy from the Convent then  please send a cheque to 'Our Lady of Fidelity Convent Account'. A Donadtion towards the Publication of this book would be very welcome! 

The cheques should be sent to Sister Bernadette Virgo Fidelis Convent, 147 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, London SE19 1RS


Mother Saint Mary available on Amazon